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Antwerp Officials Committed Fraud to Abduct and Traffic a Thai Child to a Pedophile Ring 

Excerpts from Report, "The Fraudulent Claim of Peter Vermeulen to Biological Parentage and Legal Custody of Chanyut Chokjanphen", April 2, 2001

The Fraudulent Claim of Peter Vermeulen to Biological Parentage and Legal Care and Custody of Chanyut Chokjanphen
Registrar's Office, Deurne District, Antwerp, Belgium, October 23, 1995 
The Fraudulent Claim to Biological Parentage
On October 23, 1995 Peter Vermeulen declared to Amanda Bogaert, a clerk in the Registrar's Office (burgerlijkestand) (etat-civile) (births, deaths, marriages, divorces) of Deurne District of Antwerp, Belgium, and and Andre Gantman, Antwerp city councilman from Deurne District, that he was thew biological parent of Chanyut Chokjanphen, born in Thailand on February 28, 1989.
To support his declaration (erkenning), Peter Vermeulen presented a certified copy of Chanyut's birth certificate from Thailand. The birth certificate, in Thai, omitted the father's name (Doc. # 1). Vermeulen presented also a certified Flemish translation of the Thai document (Doc. # 2).    
Chanyut's mother (and sole surviving parent), Thanomjit Chokjanphen, who married Vermeulen in Vermeulen in in Thailand in 1991, was present and supported the declaration by signing the application form (Doc. # 3) and the offical declaration (Doc. # 4). Both documents were in Flemish (without attached translations in Thai).    
The Registrar's Office altered Chanyut"s records, issuing new identity documents for a Belgian national with a different surname and family origins.
Evidence against the Fraudulent Claim
On December 10, 1996, Monique De Hauwere, director of Antwerp's registrar's office, noted that peter Vermeulen's claim to biological parentage of Chanyut Chokjanphen was fraudulent.
The evidence:
1. Peter Vermeulen stated that he was not related to Chanyut in a sworn affidavit, notarized in Antwerp on November 8, 1993 (Doc. # 5).  
(In the affidavit, Peter Vermeulen stated also that Chanyut had never lived with him and that he and Thanomjit could not take care of a child [see footnote # 1]).  
2. The Antwerp District office issued Peter Vermeulen's first passport on June 18, 1990   -   more than a year after Chanyut's birth in Thailand (Doc. # 6). 
Belgian nationals cannot enter Thaland and neighboring countries without passports.
3. The Thai Foreign Ministry issued Thanomjit Chokjanphen's first passport on February 4, 1991   -   almost two years after Chanyut's birth (Doc. # 7).
Thai nationals cannot travel beyond the neighboring countries of Burma, Cambodia, Laos abd Malaysia without passports.
The Motive for the Fraudulent Claim to Biological Parentage and Evidence of the Traffic in Children
There is irrefutable evidence that Peter Vermeulen, who could not qualify in court for care of  child, made the fraudulent declaration of biological parentage of Chanyut in a criminal conspiracy with others to claim a legal right to custody; to aid and abet neglect and abandonment; to abduct and traffic the child; and to obstruct due legal procedure (Doc. # 8 and # 9).
1. In their four-and-one-half years together, from June 1991 to November 1995, the couple did not produce a child.

Excerpt from pages 4 and 5:


Four months before Peter Vermeulen's fraudulent declaration, Thanomjit traveled to Thailand to fetch a certified copy of Chanyut's birth certificate from the Sri Bun Rung District Office in Nong Bualamphu Province (formerly a part of Udon Thani Province). She was financed and accompanied by Peter Vermeulen; his employer, Florimond De Loose; and the latter's wife, Prayoon Sinchoo. She got a certified copy of the birth certificate on July 7, 1995 (Doc. # 1). She got a Dutch translation of it in Bangkok on July 14. The Belgian Embassy in Bangkok certified the translation on August 2. The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs verified the certification on October 23, several hours before the false declaration (Doc. # 2).


Because Thanomjit did not have legal custody of Chanyut in Belgium and the Belgian police supervised her care of him, the Loei Provincial Welfare Office ordered the police to prevent Thanomjit from taking him back to Belgium. They were stopped in August 1995. But an international pedophile ring, in conspiracy with the police and diplomatic and consular officials in Bangkok, helped her to escape, with Chanyut, several weeks later, in September.


Ms. Bogaert; Mr. Gantman; and the head of the Deurne District Office, Albert Vermeyen, knew that Chanyut and Peter Vermeulen were not related. Later Ms. Bogaert and Mr. Vermeyen pretended that Peter Vermeuelen's declaration was not a claim to biological parentage but a declaration of adoption and, also, that adoptions, to be legal, did not require the authorization of the juvenile court tribunal.


Later, the director of the Deurne District Registrar's Office, A, Van Acker, said that he was not present at the time of the declaration.


The Antwerp City councilwoman responsible for the district offices (schepen), Patsy Sörensen, denied any wrong-doing by her subordinates. She offered false and misleading interpretations of the law.  


An office assistant, Gerda Van Gompel, coreectly pointed out that Peter Vermeulen did not adopt Chanyut, but she incorrectly maintained that his false declaration of biological parentage was not illegal. 


A journalist for a national daily newspaper, Jan De Zutter, who was employed by Ms. Sörensen in her government office as a speechwriter on youth matters, questioned why the juvenile division of the police, who supervised Thanomjit's care of Chanyut, allowed Peter Vermeulen to claim biological parentage.   


A justice police commisioner, Guy Janssens, who investigated Peter Vermeulen and his friends in 1994 with Ms. Sörensen, when the latter was director of Payoke, an organzation that works with prostitutes, refused to discuss Peter Vermeulen's fase claim to biological parentage because, he insisted, "it would violate 'right to privacy' laws."  


In a reply to an inquiry in July 1996, the Belgian consul in Bangkok, Leo Gorssen, explained that Peter Vermeulen had not adopted Chanyut but "recognized" him (avowed biological paternity).


In June 1998, a court recorder in Antwerp, J. Van Humskerke, incorrectly claimed claimed that Peter Vermeulen's declaration was not illegal.


Thanomjit and Peter Vermeulen separated shortly before or after the false declaration.


Prosecution of the Fraudulent Claim in Criminal Court
Ms De Hauwere pointed out that a fraudulent claim to biological parentage must be referred to the prosecuting attorney's office for investigation. Ms. De Hauwere said that her office could not refer the matter to the prosecutor (after it had been recorded) but added that a child's family or "an interested third party" could do so.   
Civil Court Must Order Registrar to Restore Original Records
Ms. De Hauwere said the registrar's original (unaltered) records could be restored only by an order of the Antwerp Civil Court. Citing paragraph 1 of Act 330 of the relevant civil law, Ms. Hauwere said Chanyut's immediate family relatives or "an interested third party" could challenge the fraudulent claim in civil court (Doc. # 19). Although there was sufficient documentary evidence to disprove Peter Vermeulen's claim, Ms. De Hauwere said the judge would probably order him and Chanyut to take a blood (DNA) test.   
Obstruction of Due Legal Procedure
Some lawyers in Antwerp maintain that the civil court will not rule against the fraudulent claim to a biological [arentage (and/or that the prosecuting attorney will not prefer criminal charges) if Peter Vermeulen can prove that he takes personal day-to-day care of Chanyut. Thanomjit and Peter Vermeulen separated in November or December 1995, shortly after the fraudulent declaration. Chanyut's official address is still registered at Thanomjit's old residence, which is Peter Vermeulen's home (Doc. # 20), but he has not lived there or with Peter Vermeulen since the separation.
Officials complicit in the perpetration of Peter Vermeulen's fraudulent claim to biological parentage insist that Chanyut lives with Peter Vermeulen (Doc. # 21).
Advocates of "Gay adoptions" and so-called "non-governmental organizations" that front for pedophiles, kidnappers, traffickers in children and complicit officials insist that Chanyut lives with Peter Vermeulen, who they call his "father by a legal adoption". They maintain also that "everything is fine" (Doc. # 22; Doc. # 23).

Ms. De Block was to petition the civil court to rule Peter Vermeulen's claim to biological parentage of Chanyut false and invalid and to order the registrar's office to restore to the child his original identity documents   -   in his proper name, family origins and status and (Thai) citizenship.
(Thanomjit never applied for Belgian citizenship. However, Numerous lawyers in Belgium claim that the court might allow Chanyut to retain Belgian citizenship after his original identity documents are restored. [The Antwerp City government never issued Chanyut a Belgian passport.])
On September 5, 1997 the civil court authorized a free investigation of the case and waved all court costs (Doc. # 25).
On October 27, the court appointed Ann Heremans, a lawyer from Antwerp, guardian ad hoc to Chanyut (Doc. # 26).
Ms. De Block delayed Chanyut's case many months so she could present it to the court at the same time as Luc Hertighs, a lawyer from Deurne District who represented Peter Vermeulen, presented the case of Chnayut's younger half-brother, Ed Sibounloeang, born in Deurne District on Aoril 21, 1997 (Doc. # 27).
Ed is Thanomjit's second child. His father is Thanomjit's boyfriend (or common law  husband), Phousith (Ed) Sibounloeang, a Laotian refugee with Belgian citizenship. The Deurne District Registrar's Office registered Ed as the child of Peter Vermeulen at birth (Doc. # 31) (see below).  
Guardians ad hoc were appointed to both children on the same day, October 27, 1997 (Doc. # 28).
According to Mr. Hertoghs and A. Masson, a lawyer who is Ed's guaridan ad hoc, DNA testing proved that Phousith   -   not Peter Vermeulen   -   was Ed's father.
A lawyer representing Chanyut's family can subpoena Peter Vermeulen's DNA test results with those of Chanyut to disprove Peter Vermeulen's claim to paternity.
Ms. de Block abandined Chanyut's case   -   without notification or explanation   -   after the appointment of Ms. Heremans as Chanyut's guardian ad hoc. Ms. De Block did not petition the court to order DNA testing for Chanyut. (Shortly before quitting the case Ms. De Block said she spoke to Mr. Jacques, the assistant prosecuting attorney.) (Ms. De Block is a neighbor or Mr. Lannie.)  
Boonchan died on October 20, 1997. Before her death she asked her son, Somkid Chokjanphen, and her younger sister, Koon Seumlao, to pursue Chanyut's case and recover him (Doc. # 29). 

1. In their four-and-one-half years together, from June 1991 to November 1995, the couple did not produce a child. 

Antwerp Court of First Instance, September 5, 1997:
The start of formal court procedures by Boonchan Chokjanphen, grandmother of Chanyut Chokjanphen, for a court ruling against the fraudulent claim to parentage of Chanyut by Peter Vermeulen and a court order to the registrar's office to restore Chanyut's original records (Doc. # 25).
The lawyer who represented Mrs. Boonchan conspired with the child's kidnappers and traffickers and abandoned the case in October 1997.


Excerpts from a notarized affidavit by Peter Vermeulen in Antwerp on November 8, 1993 (Doc. # 5); Vermeulen stated that he was not related to Chanyut Chokjanphen.
The affidavit was required by the United States Departments of Justice and State. 
This document exposes the fraud committed by Vermeulen two years later, in October 1995, when he claimed, be a declaration of recognition, to be the child's father.




Letter from the Registrar's Office, Antwerp, Belgium, August 3, 1998 (Doc. # 6):
In Belgium, passports are issued by city government adminstration offices. The following letter states that the city of Antwerp had issued Peter Vermeulen only two passports to date, the first on June 18, 1990 and the second on April 25, 1995.
This document exposes the fraud committed by Vermeulen three years earlier, in 1995.
The document was obtained by power of attorney for the relatives of Boonchan Chokjanphen.


Two documents (Doc. # 1 and 2) appear, in sections, below:
The official birth certificate of Chanyut Chokjanphen (Doc. # 1) was issued by the district office of Sri Bun Ruang District of Udon Thani Province in Thailand on March 14, 1989. Below is a certified duplicate, issued by the district office, at the request of Thanomjit and an associate, Prayoon Sinchoo, on July 7, 1995 (top half of document only). This document was obtained for Boonchan Chokjanphen through power of attorney.
Below the birth certificate is a translation of it in Dutch by Jo Horn, the only Dutch translator in Thailand recognized by the Belgian Embassy in Bangkok on July 14, 1995 (top half of document only) (Doc. # 2). The translation was requested by Thanomjit and Prayoon Sinchoo. The Belgian consul in Bangkok verified the translator's signature on August 2, 1995. The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels verified the Belgian consul's signature on the morning of October 23, 1995. This document was obtained for Boonchan Chokjanphen by a private attorney who represented her.
Vermeulen submitted the two documents to the Deurne District Registrar's Office to support his claim to parentage of Chanyut in the afternoon of October 23, 1995. 


The false declaration of acknowledgement of parentage of Chanyut Chokjanphen by Peter Vermeulen at the Registrar's Office, Deurne Distrrict, Antwerp, Belgium, on October 23, 1995.
Below are the official declaration application form (Doc. # 3) and the official declaration statement (Doc. # 4).
Documents were obtained for Boonchan Chokjanphen through power of attorney.


The remark in Thai in the left margin was added later to the photocopy of the original document. The remark explains the document.

The document below is a copy of a print-out from a police computer in Antwerp, Belgium, signed and stamped by a social worker for the juvenile divison of the city police of Antwerp in Deurne District, Hilda Willems (Doc. # 18).
Willems submitted the document to the Thai consul in Brussels, Vichay Sirisujin, in early 1996 to support her report that Peter Vermeulen had "legally adopted" Chanyut Chokjanphen in Belgium.
The document was sent by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok to Chanyut's maternal aunt, Prasong Makprasert, in June 1996 as proof of the child's "legal adoption" by Vermeulen in  Belgium.
The document was attached to a Thai Foreign Ministry report to Mrs. Prasong, who, six months earlier, in December 1995, alerted the Foreign 
Ministry to evidence that Chanyut had been trafficked to Belgium. 
This is documentation of the perpetration of fraud in a criminal conspiracy to traffic in children.
All evidence indicates that the Thai consul, Vichay, conspired with Belgian and other Thai Foreign Ministry and Labor & Social Welfare Ministry officials to send Mrs. Prasong a false report.
Upon receiving a copy of the report and attached documents, Chanyut's grandmother, Mrs. Boonchan, alerted the Thai Foreign Ministry to the fraud and requested Chanyut's return to Thailand.
The Thai consul in Brussels, Vichay, and an embassy minister, Siriwath Suthigasame, conpsired to defend the fraud and ignore Mrs. Boonchan.  
Vichay Sirisujin,
Thai consul, Brussels
Wrote false reports to
cover up the traffic in
women and children


The stamps and writing in Thai were added later.

Below are two statements from the Antwerp City Registry Office, February 28, 1997, listing all of the official residents of Lakborslei 343 in Deurne District (Doc. # 20) and Essenstraat 26 in Antwerp District (Doc. # 21).
The information was prepared by the Deurne District Office.
Thanomjit was not listed with Vermeulen and Chanyut at her old address in Deurne District. Instead, she was listed, with Phousith Sibounloeang, at Essenstraat 26 in Antwerp.
Note that Thanomjit's last previous address, at Lakborlsei 343, which should have been listed as a matter of routine, was omitted and that her home address in Thailand was listed instead.
The two documents were obtained for Boonchan Chokjanphen through power of attorney.



The stamps in Thai on the above two documents read "copy".


To be added here ASAP: 
Documetary evidence of conspiracy to traffic in children by
"non-governmental organizations"  ("NGOs") in Belgium, Thailand and the United States  
- "Child Focus" in Brussels,
- H. O. V. K. in Antwerp,
- the Child Rights Center of the University of Ghent,
- American Consul in Brussels,
- Foundation for Women, Thailand,
and others.
Excerpts from captions to be posted:

"In October 1998, a case worker for "Child Focus" in Brussels, Heidi De Pauw (Pauw is pronounced "Pyuu"), deliberately wrote a false report about Oliver Chanyut, based on the fraudulent registrations perpetrated by city administration officials and the false reports perpetrated by the city police in Antwerp, to the American consul in Brussels, Ted Halstead. Halstead requested a copy of the report.
Halstead was embarrassed by De Pauw's report. He found it most inconvenient. Halstead was acquaintainted with "Child Focus" employees. He was a personal aquaintance of the Belgian Justice Police official overseeing its establishment.
Halstead was acquainted also with employees of the American NGO, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), that set up "Child Focus".
NCMEC was asked by the Belgian PM, Jean-Luc Deheane, to set up "Chid Focus" when the Dutroux scandal broke and exposed conduct by high Belgian officials that appeared suspicious and inappropriate. "Child Focus" was intended for cosmetic purposes. Instead, it became an active conspirator with international pedophile and prostitution rings in the traffic in women and children.
De Pauw openly joined traffickers in peddling fraudulent reports for illicit and perverse purposes.       
Halstead refused to alert the relevant officials to De Pauw's misconduct and fraudulent report . .
"In February 1998, Rita Hey (Hay?), director of Assistance for Kidnapped and Missing Children (H. O. V. K.) in Antwerp, wrote a false report for Geert Cappelaere of the Child Rights Center in Ghent. Cappelaere requested the report as chairman of a defunct Prime Minister's commission on the sexual abuse of children that was created just after the Marc Dutroux-Michel Nihoul scandal broke in late 1996 . . .
"Warned that Hey's report was false in June 1998, the Child Rights Center in Ghent nonetheless peddled it to a "non-governmental organization" in Thailand . . .
"Cappelaere, who displayed professional misconduct toward the case earlier, in 1994, requested the report for the Thai NGO.
The Thai NGO was still peddling the false report years later, as if it were an accurate and up-to-date item, for dark personal and professional reasons . . .
"In 2001, representatives of "non-governmental organizations" in Thailand, including Siriporn Skrobanek, director of the Foundation for Women in Bangkok, insisted that the false report to Cappelaere had to be considered accurate, definitive and sufficient reason not to pursue the case . . ."


For details about a closely related case involving the younger half-brother of the subject of this website see:

The Case of Ed Sibounloeang


Who is Peter Vermeulen?


Peter Francine Francois Vermeulen was born in Merksem, just north of Antwerp, on February 7, 1965. His parents were Franciscus Lambertus Vermeulen, a housepainter, and Louiza Thys, a divorcee.

Franciscus ("Frank") Vermeulen was born in 1919. His marriage to Thys appears to have been his only marriage and Peter Vermeulen appears to have been his only child.

Thys had two children - a daughter, Veerle, and a son, Ronald ("Ronnie") - by a previous short marriage, ending in divorce, to Pierre Jenssen of Deurne District. Vermeulen legally adopted both children, Veerle and Ronald, with the required formal authorization of an Antwerp juvenile court tribunal, one year after his marriage to Thys, in 1961.

Peter Vermeulen grew up in Ekeren with his mother, father and older half-siblings in rented rooms on the second floor of a private home directly behind the Ekeren train station.

Vermeulen might have completed high school (but he can be accurately described as "functionally illiterate").

Vermeulen followed local friends and co-workers from Antwerp, most of them marginal types and perpetual trouble makers who lived off of prostitution, to the popular resort town of Pattaya in Thailand, where, during his first trip, he met a Lao woman from northeastern Thailand, Thanomjit Chokjanphen, in June or July 1990.

Vermeulen returned to Thailand for trips of four to eight weeks in November 1990, April 1991, November 1992 and June 1995.

Vermeulen impregnated Thanomjit in mid 1990 and she had an abortion in Pattaya four months later, while Vermeulen was in Belgium.

Thanomjit went to Belgium in May 1991 after a legal marriage to Vermeulen in Bangkok in the previous month, April 1991. They resided in Deurne District, first on Tweemonstraat. In mid-1993, they moved to Lakborslei.

Vermeulen worked in an auto body repair shop; after his marriage to Thanomjit, he depended on the Belgian husbands of local Thai wives for employment. He drove a wrecker for an auto junkyard in Wommelgem, a small town next to Antwerp; he also performed odd jobs, such as running errands, for Thai wives; and he took officially undeclared work like housepainting.

Thanomjit worked as a bar-maid at the Gambrinus Pub in Deurne District, which was owned by a Thai woman (and her Flemish boyfriend), and as a cleaning woman with a local Filipina.

Vermeulen and Thanomjit lived together for four and one-half years. They did not want children and they did not have any. Thanomjit's role was strictly that of a "Thai wife".

Vermeulen and Thanomjit separated in October or November 1995 and officially divorced in Antwerp in August 1998.

Shortly after the separation, in 1995, Vermeulen sought out and physically attacked Thanomjit s new mate, Phousith Sibounloeang, a Laotian refugee with Belgian citizenship, in a Thai restaurant in Chinatown in Antwerp.

Neither Peter Vermeulen nor Veerle Vermeulen had children. Ronald Vermeulen, married to Andrea Rooman, had one child, a daughter, Crystal, now in her twenties.

Peter Vermeulen has a generally hostile disposition. He resembles a punk hoodlum. Like his older half brother, Ronald, he has worn an earring in his left earlobe since his teens. His favorite activity is drinking beer in a bar.

There is some question about Vermeulen's sexual orientation. Some suspect that he is a homosexual and that he was once a male prostitute. There is a repugnant odor about him, similar to that about homosexuals, that is obnoxious and causes suspicions. His only friends appear to be Lao prostitutes from Thailand and their Belgian boyfriends, including some who are policemen. 

Nobody sane would trust Vermeulen with children.

In the early 1990s, some Antwerp city officials suspected that Vermeulen's friends were involved in organized international pedophile, prostitution and pornography rings. Subsequently, however, the officials appeared to have been compromised and persuaded to conspire with the ring in the traffic in children. 


Who is Hilda Willems?
Hilda Mathilde Willems was born in Laken, Belgium, on Mai 17, 1950. She married Gilbert Frans Jospehine Andries, born in Malines (Mechelen), Belgium, on July 8, 1949, in Brussels, Belgium, on May 29, 1972. She has one daughter.
Willems became a social worker for the juvenile division of the city police (jeugdbrigade) of Antwerp in 1984.

Willems lives alone in Borgerhout District of Antwerp.

Patsy Sorensen used official positions in conspiracy with traffickers in women and children

Patsy Sorensen was an advocat of world government and director of the Antwerp office of Payoke, a federal organization that represents "sex workers", in the early 1990s. As director of Payoke, she was a member of a Belgian parliamentary commission that investigated international trafficking in humans for the sex trade in Antwerp in the early 1990s. As a member of the Belgian Green Party, she was elected to the Antwerp city council in 1994 and appointed director of the city's population registration office. She was elected Belgian's Flemish representative to the European parliament in 1998. She is currently described in EU literature as the "European Parliament's specialist in the European Union Human Trafficking policy".
As director of Antwerp city population registration office, Sorensen openly aided and abetted the international traffic in children. She advised committing fraud to traffic children and conspired with subordinates in the perpetration of fraud to traffic children.  
There is conclusive documentary evidence of criminal conspiracy, fraud, and aiding and abetting traffickers in children against Ms. Sorensen.
There is documentary evidence of the complicity of high Belgian officials, with whom Ms. Sorensen worked earlier in trafficking matters, like Marc Verwighen, who was Belgian Minister of Justice from 1999 to 2003, in Oliver Chanyut's case. There is documentary evidence of Verwilghen's complicity with traffickers in women and children and his subordinates, including his ministerial aide, Hans Kint, in the traffiic in women and children.
(There is conclusive documentary evidence also against other high Belgian officials   -   Antoine Duquesne, Minister of Interior, 1999 - 2003; Louis Michel, Foreign Minister, 1999 - 2004. and Guy Verhofstadt, Prime Minister since 1999.)
Documentary evidence concerning Sorensen's conspiracy in the trafficking of Oliver Chanyut will be posted on a linked website.
An official letter by Sorensen, defending the fraud committed by Peter Vermeulen and advising committing fraud to the traffic in childfen, will be posted.